InstaPro APK Download (v10.45) Latest Version June 2024

InstaPro APK is a present application that is a duplicate of an Instagram app. This includes many strong features that allow users to perform different amazing tasks, the InstaPro app serves as a version of the original Instagram. It offers advanced features like hidden View profile pictures, view stories, Save Reels in one click copying the Bio text of any profile many more. InstaPro is the unlimited version of Instagram you can fulfill want any limitations.

You are using the app of Instagram and ads that can display at any time are fully irritating So don’t worry about this. Well, we can Solve this problem easily be controlled by using Instagram Pro and InstaPro. This app is a feature that can block ads everywhere and users can have an ad-free experience. It offers many different features we will explain end in this article.

NameInsta Pro
Size71 MB
Last Updated1 Hour Ago
Android requires5.0 or above

What is this an Insta Pro apk?

Instagram Pro changed a basic Instagram application. This app is brilliantly used to run multiple Instagram accounts. We know that is an annoying task to run two accounts on a single app. One of the excellent features of this Instagram Pro application is its Capability to manage easily multiple Instagram accounts. Gone are the days of constantly logging in and out or using heavy work to switch between different profiles.

Instagram Pro Apk Features


InstaPro provides amazing and awesome next-level features that are not available for the original Instagram app. You can use it to help in your life to entertain and spend time with enhance your next-level experience with this app and many more. Before we continue, it’s important for you to understand the features clearly. We’ve provided explanations for each feature in a simple word, one after the other, down below.

Improve Photo Quality

If you upload a high-quality image but view bed resolution Instagram in compression uploads the image it low-quality. When you use it this feature there is increased photo quality This option simply disables that.

View Stories Hide

This is great privacy. When enabled, the stories you View it others will not show them that you have viewed them. Your profile will be not displayed in the Seen Stories list.

Allow Download Option

When are using this option you can easily download stories, Videos, Images, IGTV Videos, and Reels from Instagram Pro, and no need for other websites.

App Locking

They provide privacy for app lock, you do not need different third-party apps for locking, You can also Turn on the option of simple way app locking for Insta Pro.

Settings of Downloading

There are many facilities choices for downloading in this InstaPro There are enable download logo and simply download Photos and videos from chats select your own folder name and save on your phone.

Backup on your data

When the some error in your account use this option to save important data For example your data messages and images can be backed up with easy in offline.

Typing status Hide

Basically we write a message on Instagram anyone and receive a notification that the user typing a message. When you enable the feature we hide the typing status.

Filters and Editing Tools

Insta Pro APK offers a variety of filters and editing tools to enhance the appearance of photos. Users can apply filters, adjust brightness, contrast, crop, and add captions to their images.

Better quality Stories

If you are dreaming of uploading high-quality stories for your mobile the feature is for you.
When activated make sure the Stories are uploaded in original quality it appear the same as the video gallery.

Ads-Free Enable

If we view the Reels, Stories, and videos in the Instagram app suddenly ads appear in different types in it. The are very bad moments feel so don’t worry about this, Now use this extra feature to use an ad-free experience.

Live Streaming

Users can go live on InstaPro, allowing them to broadcast live video content to their followers in real-time. This feature is perfect for hosting Q&A sessions, product launches, or sharing special moments.

Typing status Hide

Basically we write a message on Instagram anyone and receive a notification that the user typing a message. When you enable the feature we hide the typing status.

Multi-Account Support

Users can manage multiple accounts from a single app, making it convenient for those who want to separate personal and professional profiles.

Enable third-party links

In Instagram Pro apk you have a great amazing capability to fully work third-party links But the option of Instagram can not allow this.

What are the special features of InstaPro

  • Direct Messaging
  • Copy Bio
  • View Unfollowed
  • Notifications
  • Live Streaming
  • Dark Mode
  • Change Font Style
  • Chat Screen edit
  • Activate Video fast
  • App Logo
  • Zoom Photos
  • Double-click to like
  • Enable third-party links
  • IGTV

How to Download Insta Pro apk v10.25 on Android

We have provided the Insta Pro APK v10.25 download link it is simple and easy to app download in this direct link. If
can any problem with the link does not work properly we provide an alternate link for full working. It is fully advised to for the moment turn off the app scanning feature of Play Protect when getting a third-party application, such as Insta Pro.

You can deal with this setting by exploring to : Play Store > Menu > Play Protect > Settings > Disconnect Scan apps
with Play Protect.

You follow this easy way and steps to download InstaPro v10.25 for Android:

  • Step 1: Click on the at top Button and visit the download webpage of Insta Pro.
  • Step 2: Click on the download symbol to request the server for the APK file download.
  • Step 3: When receiving a download notification check the file name with the app information and tap download.
  • Step 4: Confirm the download request and waiting for downloading.
  • Step 5: That it You’re ready!

when you follow to this way it safely, you can download InstaPro for your Android phone issue-free. Now below
we completely guide you can install part.

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How to Install the Insta Pro v10.25 APK on Android Device

Instagram Pro is not available for download directly from the official Google Play Store. To install it on your Android device, you will need to go through a manual installation process. Please keep in mind that if you want to install Instagram Pro, you will have to not remove the official Instagram app from your phone first since they have available different package names. Below, I will explain the about installing Instagram Pro on your Android device.

  • Step 1: Turn on “Unknown sources” for setting the use of full third-party app installation.
  • Step 2: Go to File Manager and select the download folder of your device.
  • Step 3: Tap on the downloaded just now Insta Pro v10.25.
  • Step 4: When the installer comes, Click on the install option on the screen.
  • Step 5: Later installation processer is complete, hit on the Done option.
  • Step 6: That’s it complete.

How to Start with Insta Pro for First-Time

So, you can move to Instagram into Insta Pro, unlike WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. The user does not need to back up the original Instagram chats automatically restore your all charts. But you are required to use the Prime account because the option is very safe for the ban protection. And, you now need to follow this:

Step 1: Take hold of your default Instagram login qualification.

Step 2: Now Click the Insta Pro Logo on your home screen.

Now Click the Insta Pro Logo
Now Click the Insta Pro Logo

Step 3: Add your login information and tap to Login.

Step 4: If you forgot the login detail so don’t worry you can use “Login with Facebook”.

 Click for Login InstaPro
Click for Login InstaPro

Step 5: When you login with Facebook click the blue button ‘Continue as your’ name.

Click  button for login with Facebook
Click button for login with Facebook

Step 6: After this, You can go to the app and click the InstaPro setting to explore this.

Click the InstaPro setting to explore
Click the InstaPro setting to explore

Step 7: Now you go for the Insta Pro app and Enjoy using it.

Transfer from Instagram to Instagram Pro

  • Backup Your Instagram Data: Before transfer, it’s good use to back up your data on the original Instagram app. This includes your posts, followers, and settings. You can do this by going to your Instagram settings and selecting the option to download your data.
  • Login to Instagram Pro: Open Instagram Pro on your device. Log in with your Instagram credentials (username and password).
  • Transfer Your Data: Instagram Pro may offer a data transfer option during the initial setup. Follow the prompts to transfer your data from the original Instagram app to Instagram Pro.
  • Customize Your Settings: Explore Instagram Pro settings and customize them according to your preferences. You may find new and enhanced settings compared to the original Instagram app.
  • Start Enjoying Instagram Pro: Once your data is successfully transferred and settings are configured, you can start using Instagram Pro with its additional features and improvements.

Remember to adhere to Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines while using Instagram Pro to ensure a positive and trouble-free experience on the platform.

How to Use Instagram Pro Apk on PC

With the help of the BlueStacks app, it can make its own Android system on a PC and can install InstaPro apps we run easily. And can be used tension-free on Windows or MacOS PC users.

For unhappy iOS users more helpful BlueStacks app get provided still hope you can install the Insta Pro on a Mac and Macbook Computer.

So, you can follow the complete step-by-step guide in it below:

  1. And go to visit BlueStacks official website and tap to download on pc.
  2. You need to Install it on your computer and like other software apps.
  3. After the Installation process is complete on your PC, the BlueStacks app Launch now.
  4. And open the BlueStacks app and you need to InstaPro APK Go to Google Chrome search for now download and Install.
  5. After the installation process don and to run the app and enjoy its features.

Some shortcuts gestures for InstaPro Apk

We’ve compiled a list of gestures and shortcuts in Insta Pro, so you won’t need to discover them on your own.

  • To access developer settings, long-press the Home icon.
  • Zoom in on photos by long pressing on them.
  • Hold down the Direct icon to show or hide read ticks.
  • Press and hold the Camera icon to toggle the video autoplay.
  • For copying, press and hold on any bio text.
  • In comments, simply click “Copy” to instantly duplicate the text.
  • Triple-click on any media to quickly save it.

Instagram Pro Update

Some views on the recent changes of Insta Pro in the new Latest version.

  • Released Date: January 12, 2024
  • Latest Base Update
  • [Enable] The Channels Feature
  • [Icon] Header adds a Configuration
  • [Add] Message Send Buttoun
  • [Add] Post Share Button
  • [Slove] Many Random Crash
  • [Fixed] Reels Downloading Button
  • [Add] Icon of InstaPro Setting

They are some changes have been in the Latest Instagram Pro v10.25 Released Date on January 12, 2024.

FAQs of Insta Pro

In this, some people are asking questions about the Instagram Pro app, we are going to answer some questions.

Is Insta Pro safe to use ?

Yes, the Insta Pro is safe the app was developed by SamMods which is a well-known developer that provides many security systems. It also add that protect your account for Ban it inbuilt or anti Ban features. So, your data is not leak by looking can feel at the Instagram Pro is very safe.

How to use Instagram or InstaPro in one time?

Insta Pro was developed with a different package name, that allows users can use the same device at a time Instagram and InstaPro.

Can you update the Insta Pro apk to latest version?

InstaPro can not automatically update it is a third-party app. You can manually download the latest version APK file and install it. You can bookmark the website that provides download the latest version update.

Are alternatives available for Insta Pro?

Yes, there are some apps are available that similar to Instagram. which can create professional design and developer. They are Insta Pro 2 Insta Thunder and GB Instagram.


So, you can choose InstaPro to transform the original Instagram app to allow in setting customize for premium level features. This app helps to customize and make more engaging your account experience. That was Complete explanation of Instagram Pro. You have the option to save the InstaPro website for upcoming updates.

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